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Prince Laurent of Belgium: I read the Qur’an

 In his interview granted to La Dernière Heure newspaper, Prince Laurent of Belgium said, “Arabic is a fascinating language. I read the Qur’an and I encourage my kids to learn this language.”

Prince Laurent says, "Arabic is a very rich language. I learned to read Arabic at some point, without understanding it. What is interesting with this language, compared to another, and I am passionate about this, is that when you learn Arabic, you know the mentality of people. The construction and the creation of this language is extraordinarily rich and it fascinates me."

Prince Laurent explains the reason behind his attraction for the Arabic language, "I immensely enjoyed the friendship of a Muslim lady, she was fabulous, I had great conversations with her and the language she speaks drew me to learn the Arabic language and to the Qur’an.” Prince Laurent wishes to pass his passion for Arabic to his children as well, he expresses that his children will be learning Arabic with home tutoring. "My children also learned calligraphy. They have many friends from the Arabic-speaking countries. Princess Claire did not learn Arabic but she is also very happy that they are learning Arabic.”  

2015-02-25 14:33:32

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