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RTL Radio of France: Since Charlie Hebdo, more French became Muslims

The research conducted by RTL Radio of France indicates that following the Charlie Hebdo attack which occurred in January, there have been more conversions to Islam at the mosques in Paris, Lyon and Strasbourg.

In January 2015, the Grand Mosque of Paris issued 40 certificates for new French Muslims. Over the same period last year, this number reduced by half. This also applies to the news coming from the mosques in Strasbourg, Aubervilliers, and Lyon as well.

RTL Radio interviews Eloise, who is a new Muslim in Paris. This 18 year old girl decided to become a Muslim one month after the terrorist attack in France. She says, "It makes me want to go to Islam and show the whole world that Islam is not how they want to present it.

" The Imams of mosques in France are astonished by the increase in the number of new followers as well as by the diversity of their profiles. In Paris, a doctor, a school principal or a police officer, entered the Grand Mosque to become Muslims.

2015-02-25 13:29:17

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