Returning to faith

German Footballer Danny Blum choses Islam

German footballer Danny Blum, aged 24, decided to become a Muslim. He says, "Islam gives me hope and strength. Praying soothes my soul. I am much more at ease, and look forward positively," says well-known footballer Danny Bloom.

He continues, “These have been the properties that I lacked before. I was short-tempered, erratic and did not know where I belong. Eventually, I sat at home and wondered if all this is true, what I am doing, living in the luxury. Every weekend had no meaning for me. No responsibility, nothing. And what actually comes after retirement?

Blum tells how he decided to become a Muslim, saying that he talked with his friends about religion, thought through, and this was how he chose Islam.

"I have visited a mosque and I immediately felt in my heart. I felt this is something for me and wanted to know more. I did some search on the Internet, read books, and chose a path,” Blum says.

2015-02-10 17:51:07

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