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The Qatar Crisis

Katar Krizi

The Middle East is the heart of the world where the majority of the population are Muslims. Since it has geopolitical importance and is the land of rich sources like oil and natural gas, it has constantly been the core of conflicts due to the plots played by outsiders. These outsiders vary from one country to another; however, all are controlled by one single brain, one single hub and that is the British deep state. The policies that coerced the Middle East into a bloodbath have always been the work of the same center, given the fact that most of the modern Middle Eastern nations were founded by Britain. The borders of the present-day Middle Eastern countries were drawn up at the Cairo meeting presided over by Winston Churchill. 

Al Raya as Arabic daily newspaper published in Doha, Qatar. It is semi-official newspaper of Qatar and it is also one of the leading dailies in the country. Harun Yahya’s articles are published at Al Raya.

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