Returning to faith

Muslims Long for Eids to be the Source of Happiness

 Müslümanlar Bayramların Mutluluk Kaynağı Olmasını Özlemle Bekliyor

The death toll in the ongoing sectarian wars in Iraq, Iran, Yemen and Syria has already surpassed millions, while armed conflicts continue to take place between Muslims in Egypt, Libya, Pakistan and Afghanistan due to differing interpretations of Islam. Meanwhile, Muslims in Nigeria, Xinjiang and Myanmar are facing heavy persecution. They are regarded as threats in their own homelands solely because of their beliefs. And in Europe and the USA, anti-Islamic sentiment is on a rapid rise.

Daily Arabic newspaper of Iraq, Az-Zaman is based in Baghdad and is published in London, Baghdad and Beirut simultaneously. Az-Zaman is the most read daily paper of Iraq and the prominent news resource. It was founded in 1997 and has weekly English edition as well.

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