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Fasting: a beautiful gift for Muslims with healing powers

Fasting: a beautiful gift for Muslims with healing powers

The month of Ramadan that we are currently in is a holy month that is eagerly and enthusiastically awaited by the whole Islamic world. It is so because the Holy Qur'an, which brings people to holy light from darkness,  to the path of our Lord the all Merciful and Most Beneficent, was sent down in this month. Fasting during this holy month, an obligation for Muslims, is an opportunity for them to praise the infinite grace and blessings of Almighty Lord. It is also a physical and spiritual healing; a gift, and a month of blessings, abundance, an opportunity to repent for past behavior and to seek for mercy from our Lord. 


Based in Jeddah, Al Bilad of Saudi Arabia is one of the oldest newspapers of the country. Al Bilad published Harun Yahya’s article.

2017-06-15 17:23:24

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