RETURNINGTOFAITH.COM - Outlook to other Faith and Philosophies - Recently AddedenCopyright (C) 1994 1RETURNINGTOFAITH.COMhttp://returningtofaith.com, Leninism and Darwinist/materialist ideologies can be eradicated only through science. Ending these philosophies by means of science is akin to destroying the basis of terrorism. (A9 TV; May 27th, 2017), 16 Jul 2017 02:04:53 +0300Feminism shouldn't have a Darwinist-materialist mentality. Women rights can be protected only if women are seen as holy beings that are manifestations of God.(A9 TV; May 24th, 2017), 13 Jul 2017 15:05:26 +0300The British Deep State managed to secure support for racism, communism, fascism, injustice and oppression by means of Darwinism. Darwinism is the main weapon of the dajjal.(A9 TV; May 23rd, 2017), 13 Jul 2017 03:10:16 +0300Dr.Anjeanette Roberts: Can a Single Cell Come About Through an Evolutionary Process, 13 Jul 2017 01:03:57 +0300Dr. Anjeanette Roberts: How Can We Make Use of Viruses Medicine Other Disciplines, 13 Jul 2017 00:52:48 +0300Dr. Anjeanette Roberts: It is Amazing Learning About Viruses, 13 Jul 2017 00:44:09 +0300Darwinism/materialism are sinister threats that have silently ruined the world, but many people couldn’t see it. The most dangerous side of it is that it pretends to be scientific. (A9 TV; May 20th, 2017), 09 Jul 2017 01:04:12 +0300There is no reincarnation according to the Qur’an.(A9 TV; May 20th, 2017), 09 Jul 2017 00:34:43 +0300Rabbi Jeffrey Seidel: How We Can Bring The Relations With Turkey And Israel to a Higher Level?Rabbi Jeffrey Seidel: How We Can Bring The Relations With Turkey And Israel to a Higher Level?, 08 Jul 2017 04:48:35 +0300Dr.Anjeanette Roberts speaking about the complexity of the cell, 04 Jul 2017 21:35:39 +0300Is Rumism a Threat?, 04 Jul 2017 12:50:55 +0300Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Live Conversation with Italian Scientists (21 March 2017), 30 Jun 2017 13:01:03 +0300Live Conversation of Mr. Adnan Oktar with Rabbi Avraham Sherman, Rabbi Jeffrey Seidel and Priest Todd William Kissam (June 7, 2017), 30 Jun 2017 12:47:49 +0300Love of Allah, 17 Jun 2017 22:21:25 +0300The communist ideals of peace and social justice are commendable, but justice does not come by force; it happens naturally by means of willing brotherhood and friendship. (A9 TV; May 1st, 2017), 12 Jun 2017 22:31:54 +0300We are not against the communist ideal of building social justice and peace; we are against the dark, irreligious, cruel, blood-shedding character of communism. (A9 TV; May 1st, 2017), 12 Jun 2017 22:26:12 +0300Prophet Abraham and Prophet Lut Görüntüsü - 2017-06-10 03-37-08.pngSat, 10 Jun 2017 03:33:54 +0300Dr. Jeff Zweerink: "What can creationists do more together to tell people about the falsity of the evolutionary theory and the fact of creation?", 05 Jun 2017 08:16:37 +0300Dr. Jeff Zweerink: What is the significance of this conference?, 05 Jun 2017 07:34:43 +0300Dr. Jeff Zweerink’s comments on Istanbul dr 1.jpgMon, 05 Jun 2017 07:09:57 +0300