RETURNINGTOFAITH.COM - History, Politics and Strategy - Recently AddedenCopyright (C) 1994 1RETURNINGTOFAITH.COMhttp://returningtofaith.com early, children should be educated based on their talents and interests. (A9 TV; June 1st, 2017), 21 Sep 2017 02:44:11 +0300While it is possible to make education fun for children; the current education system requires lots of memorization and it is rather boring. This mentality should be changed completely.(A9 TV; June 1st, 2017), 21 Sep 2017 02:40:35 +0300People should be free to express their ideas and beliefs as they like, so long as they do not advocate what is illegal or contain violence. (A9 TV; June 1st, 2017), 21 Sep 2017 02:39:30 +0300After we revealed explicit proofs, most of our intellectuals became aware of the British deep state. (A9 TV; June 1st, 2017), 21 Sep 2017 02:22:44 +0300Hundreds of thousands of our people were martyred in the Battle of Gallipoli yet we’ve never shed a tear. Martyrdom is an honor and a source of joy for our noble nation. (A9 TV; June 1st, 2017), 20 Sep 2017 11:43:05 +0300Powerful voices...Bahrain has joined the world in condemning the systematic oppression and genocide being carried out against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, particularly since 2012.The incidents of violence, which once again became a hot issue from August 25, could not be kept hidden from the world this time. Despite drawing strong reactions from, 20 Sep 2017 09:24:59 +0300Mosul’s Salvation Lies With the Spirit of Brotherhood and Stratfor’s Attempt in Distorting HistoryThe Stratfor think tank, also known as the "Shadow CIA" announced its opinion regarding the Mosul operation and the future of Mosul. The analysis, signed by Reva Goujon in October 2016, asserts that for centuries Turkey and Iraq have been laying claim to Mosul and both nations are in disagreement over it. In the essay,, 16 Sep 2017 19:35:22 +0300Who is the real beneficiary of US sanctions?The"Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions"Act, passed by the US Congress and approved by the reluctant signature of President Trump, includes the strictest sanctions in United States history.The reactions of the respective three countries regarding the new sanctions imposed on Iran, North Korea and Russ, 15 Sep 2017 21:51:32 +0300The mysterious meetings of Prinkipo and the dynamics of the color revolutionsEleven suspects of Turkish and other nationalities, who claim to be “human rights activists” and met at a hotel in Prinkipo , Istanbul last month, have been detained on charges of espionage. It was stated that the suspects were plotting a malicious action plan similar to that of the uprising that was started in March, 14 Sep 2017 17:35:22 +0300The Rohingya are awaiting our help nowThe oppression and attacks on the Rohingya Muslims - ongoing for almost 250 years - have been on a sharp climb since 2012. Nearly 1,000 Muslims were ruthlessly martyred in Rakhine Province in June of that same year. 125,000 people were driven away from their homes and villages, forced to live in the mountains and forests. For the, 14 Sep 2017 14:37:05 +0300Refugees and Turkey on the Sixth Anniversary of Syrian War“We did not come to the realization of our responsibilities towards refugees until after the body of little Aylan washed ashore, just as our Western friends did.” The above-cited words of the Turkish Republic’s Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Süleyman Soylu, probably best summarizes Turkey’s stand, 12 Sep 2017 21:02:31 +0300The Ramifications of the Post-9-11 "War on Terror"The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 marked one of the biggest and most violent terrorist attacks in the history of humankind, striking horror in the hearts of the entire world. It was at the same time a critical turning point that altered the course of history since the early 2000s. In the wake of this inhumane and bruta, 12 Sep 2017 20:15:14 +0300Only a small portion of the persecution on Rohingya in Arakan, 12 Sep 2017 20:01:05 +0300Alliances In The Middle East Will End Divisive PoliciesHistory books present the assassination of Austrian Hungarian prince Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo as the beginning of the First World War. Indeed, just a few weeks after Serbian anarchist Gavrilo Princip’s attack, a war involving the entire continent broke out. The assassination lit the fuse of the fire of war that would, 09 Sep 2017 15:23:06 +0300Let our voice be heard, nowAUNG San Suu Kyi, who came to power as the first civilian leader in decades after the junta regime in Myanmar, was considered a great hope for the Rohingya Muslims. The promises she made before the election were hopeful and peaceful. The Rohingya believed that things would change for the better, as reported. Suu Kyi received num, 09 Sep 2017 14:17:20 +0300Medical care: a basic human right for allThroughout the history of mankind, there have been many major outbreaks that claimed millions of lives. The bubonic plague wreaked havoc on Medieval Europe, killing an estimated one-third of the population; historians estimate that a total of 50 million people lost their lives. The plague epidemic in the 19th Century could only b, 08 Sep 2017 17:23:15 +0300Women; more than just statisticsThere are 7.5 billion people living on earth and women constitute more than the half of that number. This is not a mere statistical number. They are our loved ones; mothers, sisters and wives. The number of men who feel no love for a woman is so few that they could be counted on the fingers of a hand. Yet women, one of the most;-more-than-just-statistics;-more-than-just-statistics, 07 Sep 2017 17:57:49 +0300A letter to humanityThe Islamic world just celebrated Eid-Al Adha but what hit the headlines were not messages of happiness but bloodshed and oppression. Rohingya, Muslims who have been exposed to extensive torture and killing by some of the armed forces of Myanmar and extremist Buddhist groups, suffered a horrific massacre starting with an incident, 07 Sep 2017 17:42:40 +0300Dr. Carlo Cossano expounds his view why evolution theory is unscientific, 06 Sep 2017 22:31:02 +0300Mayor of Sarıyer Province of Istanbul Sukru Genc is at the Ramadan mail in a church garden, 06 Sep 2017 21:52:44 +0300